The music program at One Step Beyond, Inc is proud to present Heart Strings, a documentary celebrating diversity through music. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, you can contact:

Jared Woosley  Email:

                            Phone: 623-215-2449 Ext. 122

There are moments when something so wonderfully moving makes all the hairs on your arm stand up. Eight year’s ago at One Step Beyond, during the first music class, I had a moment that deeply affected my core in the greatest way. It’s been a gift that I have been given everyday since. I feel truly blessed to be able to create and share music with such a wonderful group of people. I’m so thankful and enormously proud of every participant whom I have had the pleasure of sharing ‘the song’ with. It has been the happiest 8 years of my life and it gets better with every passing year. My sincerest thank you to everyone involved over the years, the participants, parents, staff, and those who’ve donated to keep the music playing.
— Jared Woosley, Music Program Coordinator, One Step Beyond, Inc.